Keeping workers safe on scaffolding

8 July 2019

I have noticed that there have been a number of incidents involving work at height recently. A number of them were recorded by members of the public on their mobile phones. We are a small scaffolding firm and I want to be sure that my workers are safe and that members of the public have no cause to film us. What are our legal requirements?

The safety of electric gates

15 April 2019

We are working on a construction site that has electric gates. I remember a number of horrible accidents where children were crushed by automatic gates. How can I be sure these gates are safe and won’t injure my employees or members of the public (including children)?

Building site with high voltage supply

15 April 2019

We are working on a new building site which has a high voltage supply. We have been told that we need an Authorised Person appointed in writing, is that correct? What qualification would the Authorised Person need to hold?

Measured term construction contract

8 March 2019

I am responsible for organising planned maintenance of property in my organisation. It has been suggested that I use a measured term contract. What does that mean?

Diesel vehicles on site

26 February 2019

We are a construction business with large cranes and other plant standing at our depot. We are already following health and safety guidance such as the bunding of oil storage tanks. Are there any other environmental regulations we need to be aware of?

Domestic client responsibilities

1 February 2019

Someone has asked me to build an extension at his private home. I have heard that CDM 2015 applies to such work and that he, as the client, may have responsibilities. Is this true?