Questions and Answers

Mental health first aiders

11 December 2018

There has been much talk in the health and safety industry about training up mental health first aiders. Is this a requirement and who should be trained?

Fitness for purpose obligation

7 December 2018

My client wants me to sign a contract that includes a “fitness for purpose” obligation. What does that mean?

Pre-qualification questionnaires

22 November 2018

Apparently, I have to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire. What is the purpose of this and am I obliged to do so?

Written instructions for power tools

13 November 2018

It has been suggested that we should provide our workmen on site with written instruction on the use of power tools. Is this the case?

Type of insurance

26 October 2018

What type of insurance do I need for my construction project?

The CLOCS Standard

17 October 2018

I’ve been told that I should enforce the Construction Logistics and Community Safety (CLOCS) Standard on my site. What is that and how do I go about it?

Competency in risk assessment

4 October 2018

How do we ensure that the members of staff undertaking our risk assessments are competent?

Communicating the findings of a risk assessment

3 October 2018

How do we communicate the findings of our risk assessment to our staff?

Storing flammable substances indoors

25 September 2018

Our organisation stores small amounts of flammable substances. These are kept outside but, for work practice purposes, we wish to store some inside, close to the working activities that require the substances. Are we allowed to do this?

Training staff to test electrical equipment

24 September 2018

Our finance director is concerned at the costs involved in having an external company conduct portable appliance tests on all of our electrical equipment. I have been asked if it is possible for a member of our staff be trained to carry out such testing. Is this possible and what should the training cover?