Questions and Answers

Contractor and principal contractor

4 February 2019

I am a contractor working on a construction site. Does that make me the principal contractor?

Domestic client responsibilities

1 February 2019

Someone has asked me to build an extension at his private home. I have heard that CDM 2015 applies to such work and that he, as the client, may have responsibilities. Is this true?

Statutory undertaker

30 January 2019

What’s a statutory undertaker?

Express terms versus implied terms

27 January 2019

What is the difference between an “express” term and an “implied” term in a contract?

Is the scaffolding strong enough?

8 January 2019

I am a site supervisor working on a construction site. I have been asked by the bricklayers working on-site how we know the scaffolding is strong enough and safe enough to take the weight of the bricks and the workers.

Mental health first aiders

11 December 2018

There has been much talk in the health and safety industry about training up mental health first aiders. Is this a requirement and who should be trained?

Fitness for purpose obligation

7 December 2018

My client wants me to sign a contract that includes a “fitness for purpose” obligation. What does that mean?

Pre-qualification questionnaires

22 November 2018

Apparently, I have to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire. What is the purpose of this and am I obliged to do so?

Written instructions for power tools

13 November 2018

It has been suggested that we should provide our workmen on site with written instruction on the use of power tools. Is this the case?

Type of insurance

26 October 2018

What type of insurance do I need for my construction project?