Mandatory Covid vaccination

27 January 2021

Can we insist, under health and safety legislation, that all employees have the Covid-19 vaccination currently being rolled out across the UK to reduce the risk of transmission in the workplace?

PPE for first aiders

25 January 2021

Our workplace first aiders have requested we issue them with personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety if called on to provide first aid during the pandemic. Do we have to provide such equipment?

Covid-19 vaccine

22 January 2021

What is the latest on the priority groups strategy and roll-out plan for Covid-19 vaccination in the UK?

Work vehicles and Covid measures

11 December 2020

We have employees working as pairs in a shift pattern as they have to share work vehicles. We have applied Covid secure guidelines to the use of these vehicles. As such, if one employee tests positive for Covid-19, does the other in the shift pattern have to self-isolate?

Encouraging investment in health and safety

3 November 2020

I have been asked to present to our board of directors a report recommending increased funding to make improvements in our occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system. Could you outline what tactics I can use to make my case?

Lift breakdown procedures

29 October 2020

Following a recent incident, I have been asked to review our procedures for releasing persons who may become trapped in a passenger lift if it breaks down. Could you detail what procedures and processes we need to have in place?

Healthy DSE use

14 October 2020

As part of a general health and safety training programme, our employees are told that they should sit correctly and take regular breaks when using computers, but not why. Could I double check why we give this advice?


7 October 2020

Do you have any recommendations for simple and effective ways to keep outdoor paved areas free of disposable face masks, cigarette and chewing gum litter? The existing bins are being ignored by too many of our staff.