Dismissals and settlement agreements

21 March 2019

I am very aware that dismissing an employee for poor performance can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Can I just use a settlement agreement?

Redundancy — “at risk”

6 March 2019

I have an employee who is “at risk” from redundancy. He has been with me for less than two years and so does not qualify for a redundancy payment. Is he still redundant?

Redundancy — recruiting after redundancy

6 March 2019

In response to a turndown in the economic fortunes of my firm, I have just completed a downsizing exercise. A small number of my staff were made redundant. However, the firm’s financial position has suddenly perked up markedly. I am getting new orders. So, when can I start recruiting again to deal with this new demand?

Redundancy — conducting individual consultation meetings

28 February 2019

My company is in a redundancy situation. We are making considerably less money than last year, and the order books this year are not encouraging. I need to slim down the workforce. What should I discuss with those at risk of redundancy in the individual consultation meetings?