Business capital

20 May 2021

I am setting up a new business. What should I consider when calculating the initial capital I will need to fund the business in the early days?

Programme for stress management

20 May 2021

My organisation has set itself the broad objective of improving how we manage stress. How can I set up a programme to achieve this?

The need for hand sanitiser

13 May 2021

Our business is desk-based and non customer-facing. With restrictions lifting, will we still need to provide hand sanitiser in the workplace?

Health and safety audits in-house

6 May 2021

We intend to carry out a series of health and safety audits to ensure we are managing risks effectively. The Managing Director has requested that this is undertaken in-house. What is good practice in relation to this?

Disposing of lateral flow tests

30 March 2021

Please can you confirm that it is acceptable to dispose of Covid lateral flow tests in the general waste, if they are used as part of a large-scale workplace testing programme? A friend working in healthcare has told us that these tests are classified as healthcare waste.