Changing the date for staff payments

13 April 2016

I have just met with my staff and informed them that I will be changing the date on which they will be getting paid from next month. This has caused some upset amongst some individuals; how should I have handled this?

Notice pay for resignation of employee on fixed term contract

15 March 2016

We have an employee on a six-month fixed term contract that is due to expire in two weeks and which will not be renewed. Before the business was able to inform the employee that the fixed term contract would not be extended and would, therefore, end on its expiry date, the employee resigned. Under the contract the employee is required to give four weeks’ notice of resignation. The business is only required to give one weeks’ notice of termination. How much notice does the business have to pay the employee bearing in mind that the notice period the employee has given is longer than the duration left to run under the contract?

Northern Ireland and the Protection of Freedoms Act

2 March 2016

My organisation provides care for vulnerable adults. As a result of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 coming into force, I have had to make changes to the wording of our job application form to ensure that we are compliant. Does this change apply in Northern Ireland, as I can see that certain aspects of the act affect Northern Ireland but others don’t?

Time off for adoption appointments

17 February 2016

We have two employees who are married to each other and are adopting. As part of the adoption process, they are required to attend two training days. Are they entitled to time off and if so is it paid?

Qualification for shared parental pay

10 February 2016

Our employee is about to commence maternity leave, she is not entitled to SMP and will instead be claiming Maternity Allowance. She qualifies for Shared Parental Leave and has indicated she will be utilising this and sharing her leave with her partner. When she takes a period of Shared Parental leave, will she then qualify for Shared Parental Pay?

Pension contributions and SMP

3 February 2016

Do I have to pay employer pension contributions when an employee is on maternity leave and receiving SMP?

Elective surgery and SSP

28 January 2016

I have an employee who is having elective surgery to remove a tattoo – this means he will be off work for two weeks. Do I have to pay him statutory sick pay (SSP)?

Anonymous witness statements

20 January 2016

An employee has come forward to say that they witnessed another employee take stock from the warehouse but they have told us that they want us to treat this information in the strictest confidence and that they do not want to provide a statement or get involved as they are worried about the possible reprisals. There is stock missing but we have no other evidence that points to this employee. What can we do?

Continuity of employment

13 January 2016

Does an employee have to be at work, or on paid leave of absence, for continuity of employment to be preserved?