Questions and Answers

Jury service and holiday accrual

5 December 2018

An employee was on jury duty for 10 weeks and has now left the company. Did holiday accrue during the period of jury service? If so, should this paid accrued holiday be included in his termination payment?

Paternity leave and bank holidays

28 November 2018

An employee wants to take two weeks’ paternity leave over Christmas and the New Year. Do I have to pay him for the three bank holidays that occur during this period of leave?

Nepotism and recruitment

26 November 2018

I have been asked to make a policy change in our recruitment process to include a conflict of interest clause that prohibits the recruitment of a relative in any area where there is a hierarchical line. Is this a reasonable thing to include?

Short service dismissal

21 November 2018

One of my employees is clearly failing to “cut the mustard” in her work for me. She has been with me for just under a year. Can I get rid of her on the spot? Are there any legal minefields waiting for me if I do?

Short service dismissal — sickness absence

21 November 2018

I want to get rid of someone with a poor sickness record. He has only worked for me for 18 months. Can I just sack him?

Dismissing an employee on probation

21 November 2018

I have an employee on a six months’ probationary period. His performance is poor. Can I get rid of him immediately, before the end of the probation period?

Managing activities on Christmas eve

14 November 2018

Christmas at last — how should I manage activity on that final day before the holiday?

Meaning of “immediate vicinity” in fire safety

7 November 2018

I have been informed that the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the risks from fire to persons within the immediate vicinity of the premises to be assessed. Is this the case and, if so, what constitutes the “immediate vicinity”?

Christmas presents

6 November 2018

Could Christmas presents be a problem?

Alcohol at Christmas

6 November 2018

How should I manage alcohol in the workplace at Christmas?