Voluntary overtime and holiday pay

21 June 2019

I have heard in the news that there has been a recent “landmark” case on voluntary overtime and holiday pay. How should employers prepare for this?

Dress codes — “smarter” clothes?

12 June 2019

I have just taken over a new business. I want the employees to offer a more positive image to the public, particularly in what they wear to work as all employees wear casual clothes throughout the week. I want to smarten them up by introducing a dress code. Can I do this?

Dress codes — tattoos and piercings

12 June 2019

Can I ban tattoos and piercings in my company, particularly where the job involves contact with the public? In my opinion, these tattoos and piercings do not reflect a good corporate image.

Constructive dismissal — tribunal hearings

6 June 2019

I have received notification from an employment tribunal that an employee who recently resigned from my company has brought a claim of constructive dismissal against me. What does he have to prove at the hearing?