Ramadan and night shift working

24 April 2019

One of the workers on my night shift is a follower of the Islamic faith, and has come to me to talk about Ramadan. He doesn’t have enough holiday to take time off during Ramadan in spring this year, and we are short on staff as a lot of people are off on holiday. What provisions do we have to put in place to consume food and drink and take part in prayers during the hours of sun down?

Ramadan and holiday entitlement

24 April 2019

A number of my employees are practising Muslims. They have complained that they consider themselves to be forced to take time off over Christmas (because we have a one week shut down) and yet they have to use up their holiday entitlement if they want to take time off over Ramadan, which lasts for a month. They believe this amounts to religious discrimination. What can we do?

Lay-offs and short-time working — contractual terms

17 April 2019

I am experiencing financial difficulties within my company. The time has come, I have now decided to cut costs, introduce short-time working to reduce the wage bill and get the business back on its feet again. All the staff have a clause in their contract of employment entitling me to lay them off work or to introduce short-time working. Is there any more that I should know?

Lay-offs and short-time working — no contractual rights

17 April 2019

My business is going through a bad spell. I can’t meet the present wage bill. Can I just put the staff on short-time working until the financial and economic situation improves? There is nothing in the staff’s contract of employment about this.

UK immigration rules update

10 April 2019

I understand that some important changes to the points-based system (PBS) immigration rules have been made this year. Please can you outline them?

Settlement agreements — when “without prejudice” can apply

3 April 2019

I am in a dispute with one of my employees. I think that we would like to end it as soon as possible and for him to leave with a settlement agreement. Does the “without prejudice” rule apply in my discussions and correspondence with him?

Settlement agreements — when “without prejudice” does not apply

3 April 2019

I wish to get rid of an employee in the sales department whose performance has deteriorated rapidly over the last few months. To date, I have taken no action against her, but she has to go. Can I use “without prejudice” labels to my conversations with her and on letters about ending her employment?