REACH registration deadlines

10 September 2020

I have seen that we are having a UK REACH. What are the deadlines for my UK based company with existing REACH registrations?

Storage of hand sanitiser

3 September 2020

I work for a company that has bought and is storing significant amounts of hand sanitiser, is this safe? What are the rules about storage and quantities?

Adoption of REACH Annex II

3 September 2020

REACH Annex II comes into force after the end of the Brexit transition period. Is the UK likely to adopt it?

Embedding Covid-19 Secure procedures

27 August 2020

My organisation wishes to develop a campaign to help embed appropriate behaviours in relation to the control of virus transmission in the workplace. What should we consider in such a campaign?

Reassuring employees and stakeholders

20 August 2020

We have put in place appropriate measures based upon the UK Government’s Covid-19 secure guidelines. How can we assure our employees and other stakeholders that we are taking all the measures necessary?

Specification for face coverings

13 August 2020

We have decided to provide our employees with face coverings if they wish to wear them, eg when travelling on public transport or for shops or cafes at lunch. Are there any specific standards for face coverings and what, as an employer, is our duty in relation to advising employees on the use of face coverings?