Confusion around chemicals divergence

11 May 2022

I saw in a recent eAlert that five substances have been added to the Authorisation list. I am based in the UK and only supply in England; must I take any action on these five substances?

Selling chemicals to the general public

22 April 2022

I am a chemical manufacturer and I have been asked by a member of the public to sell them some chemicals. It is mainly acids they would like, and they seem to have a legitimate reason for their use? Am I allowed to sell them to this member of the public?

Plastic Packaging Tax

29 March 2022

I’m concerned that my business will be liable for the new plastic tax as we use a lot of plastic packaging. What can I do to prepare for this and in particular, how can I find out whether the plastic we use contains any recycled material?

UK REACH consultation: update?

9 March 2022

I heard that there was going to be a consultation early in 2022 on UK REACH. Has that been released yet?

Solvent legislation

4 March 2022

We are thinking about investing in a new printing process which uses organic solvents. We are aware of our duties to minimise workplace exposure to chemicals under the COSHH Regulations, but are unsure which environmental regulations apply, if any. We are based in England.