Poison centre notifications after EU Exit

8 January 2021

As we are no longer part of the EU, I am trying to do my poison centre notifications so that my European customers don’t have to do this. What are the options?

Reselling items and REACH registrations

19 October 2020

We do not have any REACH registrations of our own, but do resell some products that have REACH registrations, we also use some REACH registered substances in our products. What do we need to do to remain compliant — we do not hold any of the REACH registrations?

Transporting ethanol-based hand sanitiser

9 October 2020

I want to transport some 70% ethanol-based hand sanitiser. When I check UN1170 ETHANOL (ETHYL ALCOHOL) or ETHANOL SOLUTION (ETHYL ALCOHOL SOLUTION) there are two packing groups. How do I know which packing group it falls into?

REACH registration deadlines

10 September 2020

I have seen that we are having a UK REACH. What are the deadlines for my UK based company with existing REACH registrations?