Third-party certification for fire services

22 July 2019

A fire safety consultant has suggested that when we have a fire risk assessment completed by a contracted organisation, it is good practice to ensure they are third-party certificated and issue a “Certificate of Conformity” when the assessment is completed. Is this the case?

What is a multilateral agreement?

17 July 2019

I have noticed that in the Croner i news bulletins information on new and recently signed multilateral agreements is regularly provided. What is a multilateral agreement and what is its purpose?

Poison centre deadline

17 July 2019

I have heard that the poison centre deadline is being extended by a year. Is that correct?

PPE and the bellows effect

19 June 2019

My manager asked me to source some new gloves, but specifically told me to be aware of the bellows effect; what is this?

Using portable fire-fighting equipment

28 May 2019

I am aware that staff must be competent if they are required to use portable fire-fighting equipment and that this includes “sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities”. Could you outline what these “other qualities” are?