Oral health in adult social care

13 May 2022

I’ve heard that when CQC inspections pick up again they will be focusing on oral health. What will they be looking at?

National data opt-out

4 April 2022

The national data opt out deadline has been extended to 31 July 2022. What do adult social care providers need to do to comply?

Wellness and recovery action plans

4 April 2022

An employee has been diagnosed with a mental health illness. It has been suggested that we can develop with the employee a Wellness and Recovery Action Plan to assist them at work. What is this?

Healthcare appointments in care homes

1 April 2022

I think a few specialist appointments for our care home residents with long-term conditions were cancelled during the pandemic — are our care home staff responsible for ensuring they resume?

Anxiety v stress

1 April 2022

How do I tell whether an employee is suffering from anxiety rather than stress, and when does it become a mental health issue?

Ramadan and night shift working

29 March 2022

One of the essential workers on my night shift is a follower of the Islamic faith, and has come to me to talk about Ramadan. As we’re working with reduced staffing levels, we cannot allow her to take annual leave over this period as she would usually do. What provisions should we put in place to allow her to consume food and drink and take part in prayers through the night?