Ramadan and night shift working

8 April 2021

One of the essential workers on my night shift is a follower of the Islamic faith, and has come to me to talk about Ramadan. With so many of the workforce off sick, we cannot allow her to take annual leave over this period as she usually does. What provisions should we put in place to allow her to consume food and drink and take part in prayers through the night?

Disposing of lateral flow tests

30 March 2021

Please can you confirm that it is acceptable to dispose of Covid lateral flow tests in the general waste, if they are used as part of a large-scale workplace testing programme? A friend working in healthcare has told us that these tests are classified as healthcare waste.

Covid-19 testing for visitors

24 March 2021

How does Covid-19 testing for “single named visitors” and “essential care givers” work in care homes in England?

AstraZeneca vaccine safety

22 March 2021

What are the blood clotting concerns relating to the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine and is it safe?

Vitamin D supplements

10 March 2021

Should we be offering all our care home residents Vitamin D every day?

Oral health care

10 March 2021

How can a care home best ensure the good oral health of residents? What resources are available that can be used to help?