Lay-offs and short-time working — contractual terms

17 April 2019

I am experiencing financial difficulties within my company. The time has come, I have now decided to cut costs, introduce short-time working to reduce the wage bill and get the business back on its feet again. All the staff have a clause in their contract of employment entitling me to lay them off work or to introduce short-time working. Is there any more that I should know?

Lay-offs and short-time working — no contractual rights

17 April 2019

My business is going through a bad spell. I can’t meet the present wage bill. Can I just put the staff on short-time working until the financial and economic situation improves? There is nothing in the staff’s contract of employment about this.

Staff retention

15 April 2019

Holding onto our staff is proving to be a real problem. How can we ensure our business is an attractive place to work?

UK immigration rules update

10 April 2019

I understand that some important changes to the points-based system (PBS) immigration rules have been made this year. Please can you outline them?

Checking fire sprinkler systems

9 April 2019

Our property has a fire sprinkler system installed. A recent fire safety inspection has raised the question of what weekly checks are required and competency to undertake such checking. What is the legal position on this?

Holiday entitlement and jury service

29 March 2019

One employee does not want to take all their leave entitlement, another employee has asked for extended holiday leave and a third has been called for jury service. How should I respond?

Time off for jury service

29 March 2019

An employee has been called up for jury service. Can I avoid losing him for this period?