Evacuating visitors

28 November 2019

I have been tasked with reviewing our arrangements for evacuating visitors who may require assistance to evacuate. Could you outline what these procedures should be?

Transport strikes — are employees entitled to pay

27 November 2019

We are concerned about the forthcoming train strikes. Can you confirm whether employees are entitled to pay if they are unable to get to work and what actions can we take if they do not attend or turn up late?

Reviewing individual manual handling assessments for age

18 November 2019

My company has carried out the necessary manual handling risk assessments for employees. It has been suggested that we need to review individual assessments to take account of an employee ageing. Is this the case?

Retirement — age discrimination?

6 November 2019

I have an employee who is 70 years old, and I feel that it is time for them to go. Can I discuss retirement with them? If I raise the question of retirement, will I leave myself open to a claim of age discrimination?