Questions and Answers

Using ladders for in-house maintenance

6 December 2018

We have an in-house team that carries out a number of limited, small-scale repairs and maintenance functions. These include minor repairs of the roof. It has been suggested that we should not be using ladders for such work. Is this the case?


27 November 2018

What is Caresses?

Short service dismissal

21 November 2018

One of my employees is clearly failing to “cut the mustard” in her work for me. She has been with me for just under a year. Can I get rid of her on the spot? Are there any legal minefields waiting for me if I do?

Short service dismissal — sickness absence

21 November 2018

I want to get rid of someone with a poor sickness record. He has only worked for me for 18 months. Can I just sack him?

Loneliness in care homes

20 November 2018

The head of the home in which I work says that we don’t need to concern ourselves with the Government’s Strategy on Loneliness as it’s impossible to be lonely when living in residential care. Is she right?

Contracting out fire risk assessments

7 November 2018

Our company intends to use an external organisation to undertake fire risk assessments on our behalf. How can we assess the competency of organisations who offer such a service?

Bladder diaries

23 October 2018

What is a bladder diary? Should we be using them with our residents?

Emerging concerns protocol

16 October 2018

What is the Emerging Concerns Protocol and how, if at all, does it affect social care providers?

Single Complaints Statement

18 September 2018

We have heard that there is something called a Single Complaints Statement for care services. Should we use it?


11 September 2018

What is interoperability?