Questions and Answers

Government reforms to zero-hours contracts

6 February 2019

I’ve heard that the Government is introducing reforms to zero-hours contracts. What are the reforms?

Using zero-hours contracts for the first time

6 February 2019

I’m thinking of using zero-hours contracts for the first time. Have you any tips and advice on their drafting?

Health and safety procedures in the event of flooding

4 February 2019

As part of our flood risk management system I have been asked to develop health and safety procedures in the event of a flooding incident. Could you outline the issues to be considered?

Payment in lieu of notice without contractual right

23 January 2019

An employee has had a very negative influence on the workplace during his time with me and has now been dismissed for several offences — this was confirmed at appeal. I do not want this individual to have any further contact with the remainder of my staff.

What will happen if I go ahead and terminate the employee’s employment with a payment in lieu of notice (PILON)? There is no contractual right for me to do this.

Terminating employment without notice

23 January 2019

An employee has been selected for redundancy. He has a payment-in-lieu-of-notice (PILON) clause in his contract. Can I go ahead and terminate his employment with the company without notice?

Calculating a PILON payment

23 January 2019

How should I calculate the PILON payment?

Fire safety outsourced to a third party

8 January 2019

Our organisation has outsourced all fire safety responsibilities to a third-party facilities management company. What indicators should I use to ensure they meet the necessary standards of performance in terms of managing fire risks?

Dementia behaviours

7 January 2019

I was taken to task recently for describing the behaviour of one of our residents who had become aggressive as “antisocial”. What is the (politically) correct term?


18 December 2018

The word “wellbeing” gets used a lot these days, but what does it really mean?

Using ladders for in-house maintenance

6 December 2018

We have an in-house team that carries out a number of limited, small-scale repairs and maintenance functions. These include minor repairs of the roof. It has been suggested that we should not be using ladders for such work. Is this the case?