Supporting test and trace

28 July 2020

We are aware that in England the test and trace service is going to be important in the overall management of Covid-19. As an employer, what would we be expected to do as part of the test and trace regime?

Social distancing in care home emergencies

23 July 2020

Are care homes required to maintain social distancing during an emergency situation such as a fire evacuation? What other fire safety arrangements should be considered as part of our Covid-19 contingency planning?

Coronavirus risk from goods delivered to care homes

16 July 2020

We have goods delivered to us on a regular basis. Staff are concerned that the coronavirus could be present on the items being delivered. Is this possible and what should we be doing as part of Covid-19 secure operations?

Coronavirus risk

15 July 2020

What is coronavirus, how does it spread and what is the risk to service users and staff in the care sector?