How to dispose of batteries

20 November 2020

Like any business, we throw away a small number of assorted batteries. If they are not officially classified as hazardous waste, can we dispose of them in the general waste bin? We do not manufacture or sell any batteries as part of our business.

Emergency arrangements in the pandemic

19 November 2020

I have been asked to review our emergency planning arrangements in light of the current pandemic situation. Are there any changes I need to make to existing procedures?

Record of electrical inspection

12 November 2020

A recent audit highlighted that we had no documentary evidence to confirm that our electrical installation has been inspected. What is the legal requirement for such inspection and what certification should we have?

Hazardous waste classification

6 November 2020

As a hazardous waste producer, I want to make sure that we are properly prepared for any enforcement visits from the Environment Agency (EA). How can I be sure that all our waste is correctly classified?

Encouraging investment in health and safety

3 November 2020

I have been asked to present to our board of directors a report recommending increased funding to make improvements in our occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system. Could you outline what tactics I can use to make my case?

Work equipment inspections

29 October 2020

We have a considerable amount of work equipment on site. There is a planned maintenance programme in place but it has also been suggested that all the plant and equipment should be subject to regular inspections. Is this the case?

Lift breakdown procedures

29 October 2020

Following a recent incident, I have been asked to review our procedures for releasing persons who may become trapped in a passenger lift if it breaks down. Could you detail what procedures and processes we need to have in place?

Communicating risk assessment outcomes

20 October 2020

My organisation produces various risk assessments, and reviews our coronavirus risk assessment every week. I am aware that we must inform employees of the outcomes of these assessments but how can we do that effectively?

Encouraging correct use of PPE

17 October 2020

A recent observational exercise identified some employees who are not using the personal protective equipment (PPE) provided correctly. How can I change these employees’ behaviour to ensure they wear PPE?

Healthy DSE use

14 October 2020

As part of a general health and safety training programme, our employees are told that they should sit correctly and take regular breaks when using computers, but not why. Could I double check why we give this advice?