Clean agent

6 August 2020

We have been advised to install a clean agent fire suppression system in our server room. What is a clean agent?

Force majeure

30 July 2020

My builders say they have been delayed by “force majeure”. What are they talking about?

Supporting test and trace

28 July 2020

We are aware that in England the test and trace service is going to be important in the overall management of Covid-19. As an employer, what would we be expected to do as part of the test and trace regime?

First aid for suspected coronavirus

24 July 2020

A member of staff who is trained in first aid has asked whether or not they are expected to assist someone if they fall ill with symptoms of Covid-19. What is the position on this?

Procedures for working in domestic premises

17 July 2020

Our organisation has employees who, as part of their work function, must enter the domestic properties of our clients. What procedures should we be following in relation to Covid-19 secure guidelines?

Start dates for builders

17 July 2020

The start date for my building work has passed and the builder hasn’t arrived yet. What can I do?

Coronavirus risk from goods delivered

9 July 2020

Our business has goods delivered to us on a regular basis. Employees are concerned that the Covid-19 virus could be present on the items being delivered. Is this possible and what should we be doing as part of Covid-19 secure operations?