Lighting on cranes

30 September 2020

What should I be doing with regard to lighting on cranes?

Wheelchair users and fire doors

24 September 2020

Our premises have a number of self-closing fire doors on the corridors. A new employee uses a wheelchair and we are concerned that she may have difficulty opening these doors. What action could we take to resolve this issue?

Electromagnetic fields and pacemakers

24 September 2020

A trade union safety representative has stated that due to the presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the office, we should be undertaking a risk assessment on an employee who has a pacemaker. Is this the case?

Moving loads on a ramp

16 September 2020

I am carrying out a risk assessment in relation to the pushing and pulling of trolleys around our premises. Part of the work involves travelling up and down a ramp. Are there any particular issues to be taken into account and what control measures should be considered?

Reviewing security management in the pandemic

16 September 2020

It has been suggested that we should review our security management procedures as part of the Government’s COVID-19 secure guidelines for workplaces. Is this the case and what should we be doing?

Avoiding disputes

16 September 2020

My last project was delayed by disagreements on several issues. What’s the best way to avoid disputes on a project?

Employee working too hard

11 September 2020

One of my team is obviously working far longer hours since our office closed during the pandemic and we started working from home. I have tried to discourage this but it seems to be her way of coping with anxiety. I’m worried she’s heading for burnout. What can I do?

Consulting with employees

9 September 2020

I have been asked to prepare a brief for our Managing Director on how we can improve arrangements for consulting with employees on health and safety. Could you outline the factors I should be considering?

Risk tolerance

9 September 2020

At a recent meeting of our senior management team, I was asked how we determine our “risk tolerance level” in respect of health and safety risks. What is risk tolerance and how would I determine this?