Briefing on health and safety leadership

16 June 2017

We want to implement a health and wellbeing strategy. I have been tasked with developing a briefing on leadership and management elements of the strategy. Could you outline what good practice in this area is?

Business security measures

13 June 2017

Considering the recent terrorist attacks, what additional measures can we take to protect our premises and employees?

Lockdown procedures

7 June 2017

It has been suggested that we should be developing “lockdown” procedures as part of our emergency response procedures. Could you outline the issues to be considered when developing these?

Programme for stress management

7 June 2017

My organisation has set itself the broad objective of improving the management of stress. I have been nominated to manage a programme to implement this objective. How can I do this?

Testing contingency plans

6 June 2017

I have drawn up a number of emergency and contingency plans for my organisation. It is necessary to test these plans but senior staff seem to be unwilling to do this, arguing that it is too disruptive. What is the legal position on testing plans?

Maintenance regime for equipment

1 June 2017

Following the failure of a piece of plant, the facilities manager and I have been tasked to review our maintenance regime. Could you outline the factors we need to consider?

Developing a fire safety management system

25 May 2017

I would like to develop and implement a fire safety management system for my workplace. How can I convince senior managers of the need for such a system?

Skin cancer and outdoor workers

15 May 2017

Following the recent hot weather, I have been approached to comment on the risks of skin cancer to employees who work outdoors and how we may reduce the risks. Could you outline some control measures we could consider?

Coaching in health and safety

15 May 2017

At a recent H&S Committee meeting, it was suggested that we should introduce a programme of coaching for employees who are given specific responsibilities for health and safety? What is the purpose of such a programme?