Coronavirus — the Government’s furlough scheme

5 March 2021

I may have to lay off a significant number of my staff as a result of the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus. I understand that I can obtain financial help from the Government. Can you summarise the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention (“Furlough”) Scheme for me?

Low-level asbestos waste

2 March 2021

As part of the refurbishment of a Victorian industrial building, we are cleaning and reusing many of the original roof tiles. During the 1980s these were coated with a bitumen-based substance to prolong the life of the roof. We were dismayed when samples of the coating were found to contain low levels of asbestos.

Fortunately, the concentration is too low to bring the work within the asbestos licensing regime. The laboratory has also told us that the material is not notifiable. Does this mean that we can dispose of the waste with the rest of the construction waste from the site, or does it have to be dealt with separately?

Face shield v face covering

23 February 2021

Employees are required to wear face coverings due to the nature of their work. An employee has asked if they can use a face shield rather than a face covering. Is this allowed?

Employee refusing to come to work due to Covid

17 February 2021

An employee has stated that they feel at risk commuting and coming into work while the coronavirus is still circulating. In refusing to come to work the employee has cited protection “under section 44”. What is this and what should we be doing?

Improving Covid-secure behaviour

10 February 2021

We regularly review concerns raised by employees and other stakeholders in respect of the Covid-secure measures we are adopting. Most concerns relate to how individuals are behaving, ie not following the measures required. What can we do to improve behaviour?

Better communication when wearing masks

3 February 2021

We have public access buildings. Our employees and service users are required to wear face coverings and observe social distancing. Feedback suggests this is impeding communication and creating frustration. How can we improve communication in these circumstances?

Mandatory Covid vaccination

27 January 2021

Can we insist, under health and safety legislation, that all employees have the Covid-19 vaccination currently being rolled out across the UK to reduce the risk of transmission in the workplace?

Covid-19 vaccine

22 January 2021

What is the latest on the priority groups strategy and roll-out plan for Covid-19 vaccination in the UK?

Fire wardens

20 January 2021

As part of our fire safety arrangements, we appoint fire wardens to assist in fire evacuation procedures. How do I ensure that we have sufficient staff to undertake this role and what should that role entail?

ESOS energy audit post-Brexit

15 January 2021

Will the requirement for an ESOS energy audit be dropped now that we have left the EU and embarked on a new relationship with Europe?