Donating old office furniture for reuse?

13 August 2021

Our office premises are undergoing a major refurbishment with much of the furniture being replaced. We would like to donate the old furniture for reuse; are there any issues of legal liability that need to be taken into account?

Violence at work — robbery

12 August 2021

Following a robbery at one of our public access buildings, it has been suggested that we should be providing training to all our staff on how to respond to such an incident. Is this the case and what should the training include?

Marquee fire risk assessment

2 August 2021

My organisation intends to hire a large marquee for a summer works event. It has been suggested that we need to complete a fire risk assessment before we use the marquee. Is this the case and what should the assessment take into consideration?

Defining a DSE user

30 July 2021

We have a member of staff who, as part of their duties, occasionally has to operate our CCTV system. Would they come under the definition of a display screen equipment (DSE) user, requiring a DSE assessment?

Project bank account

22 July 2021

I’ve been asked to set up a Project Bank Account for my job. What does that mean?

New fire doors

14 July 2021

We are replacing all of our internal fire doors as part of a major refurbishment. Are there any specific regulations I need to be aware of when having the new fire doors installed?

Managing chronic fatigue syndrome

7 July 2021

A member of staff has been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and has informed us of this. We wish to support this employee so that they can return/remain at work? Could you suggest how we may achieve this?

Deposit Return Scheme

2 July 2021

How will retailers and cafés be impacted by the proposed Deposit Return Scheme? Will they be obliged to purchase reverse vending machines?