ESOS energy audit post-Brexit

15 January 2021

Will the requirement for an ESOS energy audit be dropped now that we have left the EU and embarked on a new relationship with Europe?

Anxiety v stress

5 January 2021

How do I tell whether an employee is suffering from anxiety rather than stress, and when does it become a mental health issue?

Horizon scanning H&S issues for year ahead

18 December 2020

As the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to continue into 2021, my employer requested that I undertake a “horizon scanning” exercise to identify potential health and safety risks going forward. Could you outline the potential issues that will need to be addressed?

Work vehicles and Covid measures

11 December 2020

We have employees working as pairs in a shift pattern as they have to share work vehicles. We have applied Covid secure guidelines to the use of these vehicles. As such, if one employee tests positive for Covid-19, does the other in the shift pattern have to self-isolate?

Fire wardens

2 December 2020

As part of our fire safety arrangements, we appoint fire wardens to assist in fire evacuation procedures. How do I ensure that we have sufficient staff to undertake this role and what should that role entail?

Making shared premises Covid secure

2 December 2020

My organisation shares a property with other organisations. This property is managed by a third party on behalf of the landlord. Who is responsible for applying Covid-secure guidelines for the building?

Security searches

24 November 2020

Following the raised terrorist threat in the UK, my organisation has decided to implement a more thorough search of visitors and their belongings when entering our properties. Are there any guidelines on how we can do this in light of Covid-19 secure guideline requirements, especially social distancing?

How to dispose of batteries

20 November 2020

Like any business, we throw away a small number of assorted batteries. If they are not officially classified as hazardous waste, can we dispose of them in the general waste bin? We do not manufacture or sell any batteries as part of our business.