Legionella risk in mains water

13 January 2020

Our premises has a hot and cold water system fed straight from the water mains. Is it still necessary to do a risk assessment for legionella?

Contracts and liability

8 January 2020

If a contract stipulates a maximum level for insurance cover, does that minimise my liability?

Disposal of gas canisters

7 January 2020

Our business uses small gas canisters, usually containing carbon monoxide, for testing scientific instruments. These come in 20 litre and 34 litre sizes. How can we dispose of these safely and legally? Is puncturing the canisters then putting them in the general recycling an option?

Machinery and lightning

2 January 2020

Following an inspection by our insurance company, it has informed us that we must assess the risk of machinery being struck by lightning when in use. It states that this is a legal requirement under health and safety legislation. Is this the case?

Ladder inspection and maintenance

2 January 2020

Our company uses a large number and variety of ladders. Do we need to regularly check the condition of these ladders and how can we implement such a regime with a large number of ladders being used?

Training in the use of work equipment

2 January 2020

I am aware that we need to instruct and train employees in the use of work equipment. How do we determine what instruction and training is required and how often do we need to repeat this?