Reaching high items

19 August 2019

An inspection of our office has revealed that employees are storing a large number of heavy items on top of the storage cabinets. They are using office chairs to reach up and do this. Are our legal obligations met if we provide equipment such as a kick-stool or is there more we should do to ensure that employees are not injured?

Asbestos survey strategy

19 August 2019

I have been asked to develop a strategy for compliance with asbestos legislative requirements across our property portfolio in relation to surveying. Could you outline the approach to developing a strategy and how I can prioritise the necessary actions in a large portfolio?


13 August 2019

My contractor wants to make a substitution for something that is specified in the job. Is that allowed?

The environmental impact of printing and copying

12 August 2019

Our office waste audit has revealed the large number of inkjet cartridges that get thrown away every month. I am wary of buying recycled ones as we have tried them in the past and found them to be of inferior quality. Do you have any better suggestions on how to reduce the environmental impact of printing and copying?

Effective health and safety leadership

12 August 2019

Our Chief Executive has agreed that the senior management team must provide effective leadership for health and safety. He has asked me to prepare a brief detailing what this should entail. Could you outline what sort of actions would constitute good leadership?

First-aid boxes

5 August 2019

What equipment should we have in our first-aid boxes? Is there a defined list of contents? How many boxes should we provide and where should we place them?

Lighting for first aid

5 August 2019

We have a first-aid room in our premises. A number of first-aid personnel have raised concerns about the lighting level in the room, stating it is too low when trying to provide first-aid treatment. Are there any specific requirements for lighting levels in a first-aid room?

Preparing a sustainability report

30 July 2019

I have recently been asked to prepare a short sustainability report for our site. We are an office-based business with limited impacts on the environment. Can you give some basic guidelines to get me started?

Investigating an escalator accident

29 July 2019

I have been asked to investigate an accident involving a member of the public who broke their arm falling on an escalator. What would be the most likely causes of such an accident that I should be considering?

Lifts and escalator compliance

29 July 2019

What are the current design trends and our compliance responsibilities for the lifts and escalators in use across our estate?