Recent changes to WEEE classification

15 October 2019

We have recently heard that various types of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) have been reclassified as hazardous waste. Can you explain which kinds of appliances are covered, and whether we need a separate waste storage area for these?

Does on call count as working time?

7 October 2019

We have decided that a number of employees need to be on call to respond to emergencies outside of normal hours. These employees are arguing that the on-call periods should be treated as work time under the Working Time Regulations and therefore health and safety legislative requirements would apply. Is this the case?

Training for evacuation lift

7 October 2019

We have an evacuation lift that is used during any fire emergency situation. An audit highlighted the fact that the employees nominated to control the lift during an emergency have not been trained. What sort of training might they require? It is just a lift, after all.

Working outside in the dark

30 September 2019

Staff members sometimes have to work outdoors during the hours of darkness. A number have complained that it is too dark and that under health and safety legislation we should be providing adequate lighting. Does such legislation apply to outdoor lighting?

Expired first-aid certificate

30 September 2019

We have just realised that one of our first-aider’s certificate expired three months ago. Can this person still act as a first aider and can they still requalify or do they need to take the whole First Aid at Work course again?

Upskilling for AI

30 September 2019

Our company can see how AI and automation could be used, but how do we ensure our staff have the skills they need to use this technology?

Employees’ sat nav use

23 September 2019

Our company vehicles are fitted with satellite navigation devices. We wish to ensure drivers use these appropriately. Could you outline the instructions and information we should be providing to our employees?

Vaccinating staff

23 September 2019

At a recent Health and Safety Committee meeting the question arose as to the legal requirements for staff to be offered and be obliged to have immunisation against viruses. Could you explain the legislative requirements and whether employees are legally obliged to have immunisation vaccinations when offered?

Security of smart building controls

20 September 2019

As we add more technology to our estates, what are the security concerns we should be aware of when developing our smart buildings?

Disposing of old phones and technology

17 September 2019

As a Recycle Week challenge, we will be asking employees to search their homes for old mobile phones and bring them in for recycling. How can we overcome people’s tendency to hoard their old tech?