Questions and Answers

Presumption of asbestos in old boiler

12 December 2018

An asbestos surveyor’s report has presumed that one of our older heating boilers has materials that contain asbestos. Why would a surveyor make such a presumption?

Responsibility for control of legionella

12 December 2018

As the “dutyholder” responsible for the control of legionella in our properties, I have been informed that we must now appoint a “responsible person” to manage risks from the legionella bacteria. Is this the case?

Mental health first aiders

11 December 2018

There has been much talk in the health and safety industry about training up mental health first aiders. Is this a requirement and who should be trained?

Fitness for purpose obligation

7 December 2018

My client wants me to sign a contract that includes a “fitness for purpose” obligation. What does that mean?

Using ladders for in-house maintenance

6 December 2018

We have an in-house team that carries out a number of limited, small-scale repairs and maintenance functions. These include minor repairs of the roof. It has been suggested that we should not be using ladders for such work. Is this the case?

Reducing the risks from vibration

5 December 2018

Employees in our organisation use hand-held power tools. The company wants to ensure that it is doing all that is reasonably practicable to eliminate and/or reduce the risks from vibration when using such tools. Can you outline what we should be doing?

Mould and damp from flooding

29 November 2018

One of our properties suffered from a flooded basement and ground floor in the recent extreme weather conditions. This has now been reoccupied but an employee has expressed concern that the building still has signs of mould and that this is a health problem. Is this a risk and what can we do about it?

Pre-qualification questionnaires

22 November 2018

Apparently, I have to complete a pre-qualification questionnaire. What is the purpose of this and am I obliged to do so?

Scaffolding for the removal of asbestos

21 November 2018

Our organisation is having some asbestos-containing materials removed, which requires scaffolding to be erected. It has been suggested that the scaffold company should be licensed to undertake this work. Is this necessary?

Energy Performance Certificates

20 November 2018

Who needs an Energy Performance Certificate?