Questions and Answers

Ensuring indoor air is free from harmful chemicals

19 February 2019

Is it true that indoor air quality can be more of a hazard to health than outdoor air? How can we ensure that the air within our building is free of harmful chemicals?

Slips and trips risk review

18 February 2019

Following an incident, I have been asked to undertake a review of the risks from level ground slips and trips on our premises. Could you outline for me what I should be doing as part of this review?

Safety of advertising signs

11 February 2019

My company wishes to place some advertising signs outside the building. Are there any safety issues that we need to consider and, if so, what are they?

Fire safety policies

5 February 2019

Our business needs to overhaul its fire safety and prevention policies. What are the key components to ensure full compliance?

Health and safety procedures in the event of flooding

4 February 2019

As part of our flood risk management system I have been asked to develop health and safety procedures in the event of a flooding incident. Could you outline the issues to be considered?

Contractor and principal contractor

4 February 2019

I am a contractor working on a construction site. Does that make me the principal contractor?

Domestic client responsibilities

1 February 2019

Someone has asked me to build an extension at his private home. I have heard that CDM 2015 applies to such work and that he, as the client, may have responsibilities. Is this true?

Statutory undertaker

30 January 2019

What’s a statutory undertaker?

Crisis communication

30 January 2019

A recent health and safety-related incident has highlighted the need to improve our “crisis communication” arrangements. Are there any guidelines on how we can prepare to ensure better communications in the future?

Improving lighting across our estate

29 January 2019

We know that the lighting across our estate needs improving. How can we ensure that the lighting we choose is efficient and beneficial?