Health and safety policy review

12 November 2019

I am reviewing our current health and safety policy — in particular, the written statement on our general policy. Are there principles I can follow to make sure the written statement meets best practice?

Retirement — age discrimination?

6 November 2019

I have an employee who is 70 years old, and I feel that it is time for them to go. Can I discuss retirement with them? If I raise the question of retirement, will I leave myself open to a claim of age discrimination?

Retirement — an ageing workforce

6 November 2019

We have an ageing workforce. Can I introduce a mandatory retirement age and introduce some younger blood into the organisation?

Bereavement leave — policies

30 October 2019

I am devising a new bereavement policy for my company. Have you a checklist of the essential points that I should include in the policy?

Pre-employment checks — withdrawal of offer

16 October 2019

I have offered a job to a candidate following a successful interview. However, I have received less than glowing references about them and I no longer have any confidence in this person working for me. I wish to withdraw the job offer. Can I do this?

Does on call count as working time?

7 October 2019

We have decided that a number of employees need to be on call to respond to emergencies outside of normal hours. These employees are arguing that the on-call periods should be treated as work time under the Working Time Regulations and therefore health and safety legislative requirements would apply. Is this the case?

Wellness and recovery action plans

4 October 2019

An employee has been diagnosed with a mental health illness. It has been suggested that we can develop with the employee a Wellness and Recovery Action Plan to assist them at work. What is this?