Coronavirus — lay-offs and short-time working

19 March 2020

My business is going through a bad spell as a result of the effect of the coronavirus and Government advice. I doubt if I can now meet the present wage bill and I am reluctant at this stage to make widespread redundancies. Can I put the staff on short-time working until the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency is over and the financial and economic situation improves? I cannot find anything in the staff contract of employment about this.

Coronavirus — school closures

19 March 2020

The Government has announced the closure of schools and nurseries due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Some of my staff will now want to be at home to look after their children. What leave entitlements are there?

Bereavement leave and procedures

27 February 2020

I understand that the new arrangements for notifying an employer of taking bereavement leave and pay are complicated. Can you explain them?

Contacting an employee while they are on sick leave

19 February 2020

I have an employee who is on sick leave. I want to contact them when their doctor’s note expires to see when they intend to return to work. Is it OK for an employer to contact an employee while they are on sick leave?

Unauthorised day off

19 February 2020

It appears that an employee has had an unauthorised day off. He phoned in sick but then posted images of himself at a public event on social media. How should I deal with him?