Criminal record checks

9 August 2016

How can I check that a prospective employee does not have a criminal record?

Offers made at interview: are they contractual?

29 June 2016

A new member of staff has joined our company. After receiving her first pay packet, she has complained that she has not received the bonus that she was promised at the job interview. There is no mention of this bonus in her contract of employment. How should we respond?

Withdrawal of job offer

21 June 2016

I have offered someone a job in our organisation, but since that time the needs of the business have changed. Can I withdraw the offer?

Staff searches

18 May 2016

As a business we have had a recent issue with the disappearance of stock. The items are small and relatively easy to hide. We would like to ensure that we have the ability to search staff upon entry and exit to ensure they are not responsible for the stock losses. Can I just implement employee searches if I feel they are necessary?

Employing young workers

4 May 2016

We are looking to employ a person who is 17 years old. I have been told there are a number of restrictions in relation to the hours they can work. Is this correct and what are the rules?

Gross misconduct during notice period

19 April 2016

We have just issued notice of redundancy to a number of our employees following a period of individual consultation. As the work will be coming to an end in four weeks’ time, we required our employees to work their notice periods so that their employment would come to an end at the same time that the work ends. However, one of our employees had been caught stealing stock during their notice period. As they were still employed, we followed the disciplinary procedure and are now at the point where we are considering a dismissal. Given that theft is deemed to be gross misconduct under our disciplinary procedures, can we dismiss summarily, ie without notice, even though we had already issued notice of redundancy?

Changing the date for staff payments

13 April 2016

I have just met with my staff and informed them that I will be changing the date on which they will be getting paid from next month. This has caused some upset amongst some individuals; how should I have handled this?