Dress codes — tattoos and piercings

12 June 2019

Can I ban tattoos and piercings in my company, particularly where the job involves contact with the public? In my opinion, these tattoos and piercings do not reflect a good corporate image.

Constructive dismissal — tribunal hearings

6 June 2019

I have received notification from an employment tribunal that an employee who recently resigned from my company has brought a claim of constructive dismissal against me. What does he have to prove at the hearing?

Work experience — considerations

22 May 2019

We have received a request from one of our employees who wishes to bring their 15-year-old child to work for a two-week work experience placement. What sort of things do we, as employers, need to consider?

Working time — opt-out agreements

22 May 2019

All but one of my workforce have signed an opt-out agreement to show that they are willing to work more than 48 hours per week. The one employee who has refused has often been difficult over other matters. Can I use his refusal to sign the opt-out agreement as a reason to dismiss him?

Physical contact in the workplace

22 May 2019

I have recently read online that some staff are calling for physical contact at work to be banned, is this something we as employers need to think about?