Kickstart scheme

12 January 2022

We want to take advantage of the Kickstart Scheme as we have heard that the Government will fully fund those aged 16–24 as “Kickstarters”. What are the details that we need to know?

Refugee healthcare workers' rights

16 December 2021

A refugee has applied for a nurse’s position in our organisation. What are their rights and which pre-employment checks are needed?

International recruitment to the NHS

18 November 2021

What is ethical overseas recruitment, what it meant by “active recruitment” and does this mean we can’t employ staff from countries on the WHO List?

Promoting good mental health

3 November 2021

Following a review, my employer wishes to improve our current practices in relation to mental health issues at work. I have been asked to provide a brief on how we can improve the promotion of mental health issues. Could you advise me on what we could do?

Paying staff working late when the clocks go back

27 October 2021

My business partner and I have recently opened a new venture — a late night opening bar in a busy city centre. Our clients generally come in “after the party”, as we’re open until 4am. In our staff meeting this week, the team leader raised the fact the clocks are going back on Sunday morning. They’re asking if they will get paid more, I don’t know where to start!

Younger staff and Covid vaccine

24 August 2021

Staff in my small business are young and reasonably fit, and not many have had the Covid vaccine. Should I be encouraging them to get vaccinated?