Managing annual leave requests for religious and/or cultural celebrations

10 November 2023

What can employers do about employees celebrating Diwali and their annual leave entitlement?

A number of my employees celebrate the festival of Diwali with their friends and family. They have asked for time off during the festival, both for attending events and to rest between them. As this is a busy time of year for the business, we are reluctant to accept. Do we have to because this is a religious celebration?

Observing Remembrance Day in the workplace

10 November 2023

Can an employee be prevented from wearing a poppy at work?

An employee has attended work wearing a poppy. Unfortunately, due to strict uniform rules, this is not permitted. They’re upset and they have declared that it is their philosophical belief that they should wear a poppy to show respect to those who gave their lives in war. Can they bring a claim?