ADR Regulations corrigendum

14 July 2022

My Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) recently carried out an audit and advised us that the ADR regulations has some corrigendum. Where can I find them?

Determining the country of origin

13 July 2022

How do we determine the country of origin for finished goods that we export to non-EU/UK countries but which also have a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) with UK/EU, such as India and South Korea?

We do not actually manufacture one of the finished products that we export to these countries, but just dilute with water a component imported from Belgium and the commodity code doesn’t change.

Are we correct in thinking that this would not be deemed as sufficient processing in order for the product to become of UK origin?

Returned Goods Relief

13 July 2022

We send goods, mainly to EU countries, for hire, loan or lease as well as sale or return. We use Returned Goods Relief (RGR) under CPC 6123F01. We understand that rules have changed on RGR for goods coming back from the EU. What are those changes?

Customs Declaration Service

6 July 2022

Why should importers register for the Customs Declaration Service (CDS)? There is very little VAT or duty on goods we carry as it is mostly meat products; however, I have seen CDS guidance that says importers need to register via their Government Gateway account.

Is it mainly just for linking Deposit Allocation Number (DAN) accounts to freight agents, and will all EORI numbers still be accepted if no VAT or duty is liable, without the importer signing up to the CDS?

Turkey name change

6 July 2022

Following the official change of name of Turkey, is there anything we need to action to support this? Will all the trade agreements and forms have to be updated with the new name? Is the ISO country code staying the same?