Quality improvement in primary care

26 July 2022

I have heard of the term “quality improvement”. What does this mean and how can it enhance the quality of care provided by my practice?

Mandatory healthcare workforce training

26 July 2022

I’ve heard staff training on how to interact with people with learning disabilities and autistic people is now mandatory for CQC-registered providers — what guidance is there on this?

Changing employees’ terms and conditions after academy conversion

21 July 2022

Our school is considering converting to academy status. We understand that conversion is covered by the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 and that contracts cannot be changed at the point of transfer. When and how can we make changes to employees’ contracts?

Safety and Security facilitations

20 July 2022

We received information about new Safety and Security facilitations from one of our customers. Could you explain what this is as I cannot find any information on the government website?

Items for temporary export

20 July 2022

We have not been on a business trip to the Netherlands since Brexit and we need to understand what we can take through customs both ways. The trip is to verify an electrical system upgrade.

Prior to Brexit we would normally take the following:

  • goods to be fitted

  • tools for the install

  • test equipment for install test work.

What should we do now?