How can I include parents in a child’s learning journey?


How can I include parents in a child’s learning journey?


Parents entrust their child to early years providers, and in doing so can miss out on elements of the child’s learning when they are not together. Providers are responsible within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to ensure that they work in partnership with parents to support a child’s development. Helping parents to understand child development across all areas, such as emotional, social, physical and cognitive benefits both the child and parent.

Early years providers can help empower parents to see and understand the learning that a child is doing when playing and engaging with the world around them. Parents often lack confidence in child development and can be unaware of how important their role is in supporting their child’s learning. They may worry about their child or be uncertain about how to help them. Parents are all different and have such a range of expectations of their children, some of which may be inappropriate for the age of the child. Sharing observations of the child in the setting and linking this to the EYFS areas of learning can help boost a parent’s awareness of what to expect at which developmental stage. (Development Matters) For example, perfect adult-like handwriting is inappropriate to expect from a young child, yet many parents do. This is simply because they may lack the understanding of the developmental processes a child must go through before they can manipulate a pen, assuming a child can just copy adult writing easily. By including parents in regular developmental updates through sharing your quality documented observations of the child can raise their awareness and contribution to their child’s learning.


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