Some time ago we had some export training and we are still working through the queries that were raised on the course. I have the following query and was hoping you could help me with the answer.

I have a handful of products for which we buy in the material and repack it into our packaging before selling. After looking at section 9 of Customs Notice 828, we feel that this process could be classed as a minimal process, so the origin rules for this particular tariff heading do not come into play. We therefore requested supplier’s declarations from the material supplier, which have since been received. The query I have is in regards to these declarations.

  1. If the country of origin on the supplier’s declaration is a country in the EU, do we continue to claim EU origin, and so continue supplying EUR1 certificates and certificates of origin?

  2. If the country of origin on the supplier’s declaration is outside the EU, do we declare this as the country of origin on all our documents?

Please can you let me know your thoughts on the above?

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