May 2020 — Early Bank Holiday change

27 June 2019

I have read about the change in date of next year’s Early May Bank Holiday and how it may affect holidays from an employment law perspective. Can you please advise?  

Holiday entitlement and jury service

29 March 2019

One employee does not want to take all their leave entitlement, another employee has asked for extended holiday leave and a third has been called for jury service. How should I respond?

Nine bank holidays in one holiday year in 2017/18

10 January 2018

Our holiday year runs from April to March and we have noticed that because of the way Easter falls in 2017 and 2018 there will be nine bank holidays in one holiday year. Do we have to give our employees an additional holiday that year? And are we able to give less holiday the following leave year as there are fewer bank holidays in that year?