EU workers and Brexit

13 September 2019

In the event of the UK leaving the EU, what can employers do to support and keep staff who are EU citizens?

Quiz questions for 2016

15 December 2016

In which month in 2017 will the “air quality certificate” be extended to foreign vehicles in France?

Cabotage in Germany

23 September 2015

We run an international haulage business in the UK and we’re currently conducting cabotage activities in Germany. Do we pay our drivers the German minimum wage of €8.50 per hour for this work?

ADR tunnel codes

12 November 2014

In ADR 2015 Table A, UN3135 WATER-REACTIVE SOLID, FLAMMABLE, N.O.S. at Packing Group I level shows neither a UN portable tank code (in column 10), nor an ADR tank code (in column 12), and thus cannot be carried in tanks.

Yet in column 15 the tunnel restriction code is shown as “(B/E)”. According to ADR Chapter 8.6 the “B” would be applicable only to carriage in tanks, yet this mode of carriage is not allowed. Why then show as “(B/E)” rather than “(E)”?

Carrying aerosols through Eurotunnel

6 November 2012

I am proposing to take a consignment of aerosols through the Eurotunnel. Does this come under ADR? What documentation do I need to take?