Changes to staff roles and appropriate checks

20 February 2020

A member of our admin team has indicated she would like to change roles and work in the classroom as a Learning Assistant. Can we simply move her into the role as we have known her for four years and are happy with her work, or do we need to undertake any other checks?

How to set executive pay

19 September 2019

Our Head has resigned, and the Board of our MAT has asked me to provide advice on how to set the salary level when recruiting for the replacement. Where can I find some guidance?

Writing a reference

11 September 2018

Last year, a pupil made a malicious allegation against our deputy Head, which was proved to be false and she was completely exonerated. She has told me she is applying for a new post. Will I have to disclose the allegation on her reference?

Criminal records checks — filtering process

18 April 2014

A new member of staff has received his Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) enhanced check and has told us that a conviction for being drunk and disorderly when he was a student is not shown on his certificate. Has there been a mistake and, if so, is it significant?

Checking DBS certificates online

16 July 2013

What information does the employer need to carry out an online Disclosure and Barring Service certificate check?

Auditing fixed-term contracts

17 December 2012

I am doing an audit of fixed-term staff in our school. What particular issues should I be looking for?