Reviewing an asbestos management plan

17 February 2020

We have an asbestos management plan for our premises. I am aware of the need to review this regularly. What should we be taking into consideration?

Identifying ACMs for asbestos survey

2 December 2019

We are having an asbestos survey completed. It has been suggested that we can just presume that all materials contain asbestos rather than undertaking sampling and analysis. Is this the case?

Asbestos survey strategy

19 August 2019

I have been asked to develop a strategy for compliance with asbestos legislative requirements across our property portfolio in relation to surveying. Could you outline the approach to developing a strategy and how I can prioritise the necessary actions in a large portfolio?

Presumption of asbestos in old boiler

12 December 2018

An asbestos surveyor’s report has presumed that one of our older heating boilers has materials that contain asbestos. Why would a surveyor make such a presumption?

Scaffolding for the removal of asbestos

21 November 2018

Our organisation is having some asbestos-containing materials removed, which requires scaffolding to be erected. It has been suggested that the scaffold company should be licensed to undertake this work. Is this necessary?

Undertaking in-house asbestos surveys

20 November 2018

To reduce expenditure, our director of facilities wants to undertake surveys in-house to identify asbestos-containing materials. I have been asked if this is allowed. What is the position on this?

Asbestos disposal legislation

5 June 2018

Some waste asbestos recently came to light at our premises and we have arranged for a firm of waste contractors to remove it. Are there any additional safety or environmental regulations that apply to asbestos disposal, alongside the requirement to register as a waste carrier?

Exposure to asbestos

13 March 2018

I am aware of the need to manage asbestos-containing materials and we have procedures in place to do this. However, if there is any form of exposure to asbestos fibres, do we have to report this under RIDDOR?

Removing ACMs before demolition

31 January 2018

We are taking on a job to demolish a building that contains an asbestos-containing material (ACM) in the form of a textured decorative coating. I assume we are required to remove this material before demolition takes place?

Asbestos awareness training

30 January 2018

I have been told by a safety representative that we must provide asbestos awareness training for all of our employees. Is this the case and what should the training cover?