How to set executive pay

19 September 2019

Our Head has resigned, and the Board of our MAT has asked me to provide advice on how to set the salary level when recruiting for the replacement. Where can I find some guidance?

Disposing of old phones and technology

17 September 2019

As a Recycle Week challenge, we will be asking employees to search their homes for old mobile phones and bring them in for recycling. How can we overcome people’s tendency to hoard their old tech?

Brexit contingency planning

17 September 2019

What should adult social care employers do to protect their services and staff in the event of Brexit, especially if they have a number of staff who are EU citizens?

Can we do without fire extinguishers?

16 September 2019

I have heard that through a fire risk assessment we can justify not having any portable fire extinguishers on our premises. Is that the case?