Road Haulage

On 25 May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be introduced into UK law. Our article sets out the implications of these regulations for the transport industry. 


Carriage of Goods

Includes abnormal loads, carriage of animal by-products, foodstuffs, live animals and waste and load safety.

Driver Management

Includes drivers' hours, British domestic hours and driver allowances and pay.

Environmental Management in Haulage

Includes emission controls, end-of-life vehicles, fuel management and packaging waste.

Goods Vehicle Operations

Includes type approval, vehicle maintenance and markings, running light goods vehicles and weights and dimensions.

Health and Safety

Includes accident reporting, first aid, fire risk assessment, COSHH, manual handling, occupational, asbestos, food safety, electrical safety, PPE, training, temporary workers, visitors, health and safety management systems.


Includes LGV vocational, motor vehicle excise and small vehicle driving licences.

Operating Overseas

Includes operating in and outside the EU, international route planning and international carriage of perishable foodstuffs.

Recruitment and Employment

Includes redundancy, recruitment, discipline and grievance and retirement.

Running the Haulage Business

Includes haulage contracts, insurance, fuel management and accounting for transport managers.

Staff Training and Qualifications

Includes transport manager training, vocational qualifications, CPD and driver certificate of professional competence.

Reference Articles

Country Information

Background information for UK companies engaged in overseas work, including public holidays, as well as country-specific advice, guidance and compliance.

Law and Guidance

Content to help you research legislation and guidance.

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Frequently asked questions and model answers.

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