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Croner-i Navigate-Chemicals provides comprehensive information and a full range of practical resources to help with the day-to-day management of handling, transporting and placing on the market hazardous and dangerous substances.

The service contains over 140 topics including guidance on REACH, GHS, CLP, COSHH, Poison Centres, Brexit and chemical regulations, asbestos, emergency planning, noise, waste, fire, lithium batteries and more.

Content is updated daily and includes official guidance from the HSE alongside a searchable database of over 110,000 substances. Subscribers receive fortnightly eAlerts and access to experts via our telephone advice line service to ensure legal compliance.

Navigate-Chemicals includes a legal register, an easy-to-use online tool that contains complete lists of chemicals legislation. Compiled by experts, the register is automatically updated with the latest laws. Use the tool to create tailored lists of regulations for your company, so you always have quick access to the most relevant legal information. 


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