International Trade


Environmental Requirements

Includes ecolabelling, assessment of hazardous waste, packaging waste and WEEE.

Exporters: Customs and Documents

Includes customs entry, export controls, dealing with excise exports and security issues.


Includes accounting and budgets, and tax and VAT.

General Customs Issues

Includes intrastat reporting, claiming preferential duty and procedures for trading within the single market.

Goods Requiring Special Procedures

Includes carriage of waste and import and export of waste.

Hazardous Goods

Includes storage of hazardous substances, transport of dangerous goods and REACH.

Importers: Customs

Includes dealing with excise imports, duty reliefs, security issues and import controls.


Includes the export and import processes and Incoterms 2010 rules.

Reference Articles

Country Information

Background information for UK companies engaged in overseas work, including public holidays, as well as country-specific advice, guidance and compliance.

Law and Guidance

Content to help you research legislation and guidance.

Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions and model answers.

Tools and Documents


Model documents for you to use.