Human Resources for Local Government

The Government has released a Good Work plan in response to the Taylor Review of modern working practices. The plan accepts the majority of Taylor’s recommendations, however, most matters are subject to consultation and there are no confirmed timelines for these recommendations to be introduced. The recommendations cover worker rights, pay, sick pay, employment status and agency workers.
Paul Coulam, Development Editor


Absence and Working Time

Includes holidays, sick leave and SSP, working time and sabbaticals.

Contracts of Employment

Includes common clauses, contract terms, part-time working and TUPE.

Discipline and Grievance

Includes bullying and harassment, disciplinary and grievance procedures.

Discrimination and Diversity

Includes claims, equal pay, and all protected characteristics.

Health and Safety

Includes accident reporting, first aid, fire risk assessment, COSHH, manual handling, occupational, asbestos, food safety, electrical safety, PPE, training, temporary workers, visitors, health and safety management systems.

HR Management

Includes gender pay gap reporting, change management and performance management.

HR Strategy

Includes leadership skills, employee retention and human resource planning.

Industrial and Employee Relations

Includes collective agreements and redundancies and whistleblowing.

Maternity and Parental Leave

Includes flexible working, maternity and parental leave, and paternity rights

Pay and Benefits

Includes National Minimum and Living Wage, deductions from pay, PAYE and NI.

Recruitment and Selection

Includes recruitment and selection and pre-employment checks.

Termination of Employment

Includes redundancy, resignation, retirement, and unfair and wrongful dismissal.

Training and Development

Includes coaching and mentoring, training strategies, and vocational qualifications.

Reference Articles

Key Rates and Data

Statistics, payment rates, allowances, benefits, award rates and penalties.

Law and Guidance

Content to help you research legislation and guidance.

Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions and model answers.

Strategic Briefings

Research-led or opinion pieces from experts in the field.

Tools and Documents


Model documents for you to use.