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ISO 45001: an overview

The new BS ISO 45001 on occupational health and safety management systems is much more dynamic and business savvy than its predecessor OHSAS 18001. Mike Sopp advises on the changes in his feature article. See also your section on Occupational Health.

Ceri Pickering, Development Editor


Accidents and First Aid

What causes accidents, and how do you investigate and report them? Also covers first aid, compensation claims, COMAH and work-related fatalities.

Building and Construction

From asbestos to CDM 2015 and the building regulations, also includes construction safety, disability access and the workplace environment.

Chemical Hazards

The key requirements to managing, storing and restricting exposure to chemical hazards and explosives, includes REACH, COSHH and DSEAR.


All you need to know on pollution, waste, water, ISO 14001, energy management and environmental management systems.


Time to redo your fire risk assessments and consider detection and alarm systems, emergency procedures and fire-fighting equipment?

Food Safety

Includes food safety, hygiene control and possible illness, management systems and temperature control requirements.

International Health and Safety

A new section, summarising the health and safety systems in other countries. More countries will be added over the coming months.

Legal and Management Responsibilities

Looking for guidance on competency, consultation, responsiblities, risk assessment and training? It's all here, along with liability, enforcement and penalties.

Machinery and Work Equipment

Comprising machinery safety and maintenance, the use of PPE, mobile devices and specialised work equipment such as ladders, lift trucks and pressure systems.

Occupational Health and Wellbeing

A focus on employee welfare, with topics on mental health, chronic conditions, ergonomics, DSE, drugs, alcohol, smoking and stress.

Security and Emergency Planning

A security overview, as well as cyber security, emergency management, counter terrorism, guards, and access control.

Workforce, Visitors and Contractors

Requirements and best practice when dealing with contractors, visitors, disabled, lone, migrant, mobile, older, overseas, shift, young and temporary workers.

Workplace Hazards

Includes radiation, working at height, confined spaces, electrical safety, vibration, hotwork, manual handling, slips, trips and falls, violence, transport and occupational road risk.

Workplace Health

Asbestos-related diseases, legionnaires, MSDs, asthma, dermatitis and lung diseases are just some of the topics covered.

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Content to help you research legislation and guidance.

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Frequently asked questions and model answers.

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