Hazardous Substances


The last registration deadline for low volume chemicals (between 1-100 tonnes a year) is 31 May 2018. See the Registration topic for details.

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Accidents and Disease Reporting

Includes accident investigation and reporting, reportable diseases, emergency management and first aid.

Chemicals and the Environment

Includes biocides, contaminated land, IPPC, control of emissions and endocrine disrupters.


Time to redo your fire risk assessments and consider detection and alarm systems, emergency procedures and fire-fighting equipment?

Hazards – Biological

Biological monitoring, biological organisms, decontamination and disposal, handling biological hazards, chemical biological, radiological or nuclear incidents and security.

Hazards – Chemical

Chemical hazards training, corrosives, flammable substances, gases, oxidising agents and organic peroxides, toxic substances, sites containing dangerous goods, storage and transport.

Hazards – Physical

Asbestos, cryogenic substances, dust, ionising radiation, man-made fibres, nanoparticles.

Occupational Exposure

Asbestos related diseases, health surveillance, occupational asthma and dermatitis and smoking at work.


Includes labelling, REACH fees, hazard assessment, pre-registration and scope and substitution strategies.


Export and import of dangerous chemicals and classification for supply.

Systems of Control

Includes ventilation, COSHH, hazard assessment and identification and monitoring exposure.


Includes transport of dangerous goods, dangerous goods safety advisors (DGSA) security, transport policy and vehicle emissions.


Includes hazardous waste, packaging, batteries, ELV, export & import, incineration, recycling, waste definitions, sewage sludge treatment, WEEE and waste treatment options.

Reference Articles

Emergency First Aid Guide

Charts that provide a list of the symptoms and the first aid required following exposure with more in-depth information on first aid treatments.

Emergency Spillage Guide

Charts that provide a description of the appropriate action to be taken in the event of a spillage with more in-depth information on treating chemical spills.

Law and Guidance

Content to help you research legislation and guidance.

Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions and model answers.

Tools and Documents


Model documents for you to use.