Environment and Sustainability

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Croner-i Environment and Sustainability is an essential tool for environment, sustainability, energy and waste managers. It provides expert, practical advice on a wide range of environmental topics and ensures you are up-to-date and know how to comply with environmental regulations. The service includes instant access to legislation, British Standards, audit checklists, case reports and news and is supported by a team of experts who you can contact for extra advice and help.

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Key Reference Content

Legislation Tracker

Relevant upcoming and recently-in-force legislation, as well as Government consultations.

Case Reports

Key cases to keep you up-to-date with the latest fines and enforcement undertakings.

Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions and model answers.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management Systems and Reporting

Includes ISO 14001,ISO 14000 Series, introduction to EMS, checking & auditing, CSR, EMS accreditation, environmental aspects, EPE, integrated management systems, legal framework and measuring & monitoring.

Enforcement and Liability

Includes Best Available Techniques, economic instruments, enforcement, liability, EPP, IPPC, negligence, noise, odour, operational risk appraisal, penalties & fines, pollution prevention, radiation and statutory nuisance.

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Management

Includes sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Managing Utilities


Includes hazardous waste, packaging, batteries, ELV, export & import, incineration, recycling, waste definitions, sewage sludge treatment, WEEE and waste treatment options.


Includes energy management, energy audits, monitoring and targeting, air conditioning and BMS, heating and ventilation, lighting, energy procurement, fleet fuel management, electric motors and power, degree day data and sustainable energy sources.


Includes discharge to sewer and to water, groundwater protection, water protection zones, drinking water quality, water management and water framework directive.

Pollution and Environmental Hazards


Includes air pollution, quality standards, and control of emissions.


Includes chemical hazards, REACH, asbestos, COMAH, COSHH, ozone-depleting substances, pesticides, PBTs and POPs, transport of dangerous goods, PCBs and PCTs, endocrine disruptors, biocides and volatile organic compounds.

Contaminated Land

Includes remediation techniques and technologies, contaminated land, site investigation and tax implications.

Transport Emissions

Includes transport policy, and vehicle emissions.

Achieving a Greener World

Circular Economy

Includes circular economy, ecodesign ISO 14006, ecolabelling, life cycle assessment and supply chain management.

Climate Change and Global Warming

Includes carbon reduction and footprinting, climate change and climate change levy, and emissions trading.

Land Use Management

Includes biodiversity, Environmental Impact Assessment, soil, Strategic Environmental Assessment, the planning system, wildlife and countryside protection

Training, Policies and Tools

Training Presentations

Editable training presentations to help you deliver briefings to your staff.

Model Policies

A library of over 40 policies on the many different aspects of environmental management.


Model documents for you to use.

Law and Guidance

Content to help you research legislation and guidance.