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Croner-i Education provides comprehensive information and a full range of practical resources to help with the day-to-day challenges faced by leaders of maintained schools, academies and those in the independent sector.The service contains over 135 topics including guidance on: people management and curriculum delivery; inspection, school improvement and academy conversions; governance; finance and administration; health and safety. Information is supplemented by legal guidance, model documents, business management tools, leadership guides and training presentations. Subscribers receive weekly eAlerts to keep up to date with the main issues in education and benefit from access to experts via our telephone advice line service to ensure legal compliance.

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People Management and Curriculum Delivery

Employment of Staff

Includes capability, disciplinary and grievance procedures, pay and conditions, discrimination, recruitment and contracts.

Assessment and Teaching

Includes curriculum delivery, assessment methods and performance targets.

Continuing Professional Development

Includes appraisal procedures and professional standards for teachers.

School Inspection, Improvement and Becoming an Academy

Inspection and School Improvement

Includes inspections, school improvement and self-evaluation.

Becoming an Academy

Includes the conversion process, transferring staff and working with a sponsor.



Includes the constitution, procedures and functions of the governing body.

Governance — Academies

Includes the constitution, procedures and functions of the governing body.

Governance — Independent Schools

Includes the constitution, procedures and functions of the governing body.

Finance and Administration


Includes accounting and budgets, and tax and VAT.


Includes buildings and grounds maintenance, accessibility, minibuses, security management and signage.

Record Keeping

Includes admission and attendance registers, copyright and data protection.

Community and Parental Relations

Includes handling complaints, marketing, parental and community engagement, and parent teacher associations.

Special Educational Needs and Disability

Includes areas of need, assessment and planning, the Local Offer, support strategies and resolving disputes about provision.

Key Rates and Data

Statistics, payment rates, allowances, benefits, award rates and penalties.

Legal Information

Health and Safety

Includes accident reporting, first aid, fire risk assessment, COSHH, manual handling, occupational, asbestos, food safety, electrical safety, PPE, training, temporary workers, visitors, health and safety management systems.

Pupil Welfare

Includes safeguarding, support strategies, behaviour management, attendance and equality of opportunity.

Law and Guidance

Content to help you research legislation and guidance.


Questions and Answers

Frequently asked questions and model answers.

Model Documents

Model documents for you to use.