How to fill the skills gap

2 August 2018

With skills shortages at near record levels, a new survey of over 1000 businesspeople across all sizes and sectors by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) examines the ways that employers are coping with the problem.

Headache? Try new Simple Tax

1 August 2018

Tax administration and compliance, rather than regulation, is routinely cited by businesses as the biggest single source of their administrative problems.

But can they add up?

30 July 2018

Basic numeracy, literacy and information technology (IT) skills are viewed as more important by employers than technical knowledge or sales techniques.

Full STEAM ahead with AI

26 July 2018

A new report suggests that artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technologies will create as many jobs as they displace in the UK over the next 20 years.

Northern Powerhouse gets new look

25 July 2018

Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) in the North of England have come together to support the Northern Powerhouse initiative.

Time to make innovation less taxing for small firms

24 July 2018

While the current innovation debate focuses mainly on creating new products, small businesses are far more likely to innovate by adopting new software or changing their organisational structure.

Brexit means …

23 July 2018

A reminder of just how close the UK is to leaving the EU appeared last week in the shape of a memo prepared by the European Commission to alert the other 27 Member States to what they should be doing to get ready for Brexit.