From the Newsdesk

Inflation a blow to business and employees

26 June 2017

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that the highest inflation level in four years (2.9% in May) puts it well above wage growth which was recoded at 2.1% in March this year.

Support for stripped-back Queen's Speech

23 June 2017

The speech delivered to Parliament by the Queen this week (available at was most certainly not the one that Prime Minister Theresa May envisaged when she launched the general election campaign two months ago.

Government sets out a two-year programme

21 June 2017

Somewhat paradoxically, the Queen's Speech setting out her Government's plans for legislation is shorter than in previous years but, in a break with tradition, is to cover a two-year period with no Speech planned for 2018.

Self-employed fighting back

21 June 2017

Self-employed people are increasingly getting together to pool resources in an effort to obtain financial support and security. Despite becoming an increasingly significant part of the UK economy, they still find themselves facing a range of obstacles in their working lives.

Business groups set out their plea for Brexit

20 June 2017

As the talks finally begin on the terms under which the UK will leave the EU it is becoming clear that major business groups are growing increasingly anxious that the Government will struggle to deliver a deal which prioritises economic growth.

Call for Brexit re-think

19 June 2017

In the wake of the General Election and ahead of negotiations with the EU formally starting, the manufacturers' organisation EEF has called for a strategy re-think on Brexit.

We'll go no more a-roaming

16 June 2017

Recent adverts would suggest that telecom companies have all been overcome with the urge to cut prices on the use of mobile phones in another EU country.

US study highlights profound changes for UK businesses

15 June 2017

A study produced by Harvard University's Kennedy School, with former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls as one of its authors, has examined the impact of the UK leaving the EU through the eyes of 50 mid-sized British businesses and trade associations.

Security advice: Deter, detect, delay

14 June 2017

Official guidance has been issued to help businesses and organisations improve the security of crowded places.

Business confidence crashes amid election and Brexit fears

13 June 2017

In the first poll of business leaders since last week's general election, nearly 700 told the Institute of Directors (IoD) that they are deeply concerned with the current political uncertainty and its impact on the UK economy.