1 August 2014

Nearly half (46%) of those in full or part-time employment spent part of their holidays last year on work activities such as checking emails, making phone calls or writing and reading documents, collectively devoting nearly three million leave days to work activities.

For many, staying in touch with the office even determines where they go on holiday, with 15% not prepared to stay anywhere that lacks a good Wi-Fi or internet service, 11% demanding a decent mobile signal and a workaholic 4% who will only use holiday hotels which also have good business facilities.

A few (3%) will only stay near an airport when travelling abroad, while the same proportion say they will only holiday in the UK in case they need to get back to their place of work in a hurry.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit who commissioned the research, said that it showed how many people find it hard to leave work behind when they head off on holiday.

Although female workers were less likely than men to spend vacation time working (42% v 50%), those who did catch up with work on holiday spent longer doing so. The average holiday time women spent on work activities last year was 6 hours 22 minutes, compared to 4 hours 19 minutes for their male colleagues.

Paul Clarke (Holidaying business writer for Croner)