20 October 2016

The answer to the question posed in this headline is surely obvious? TGI Friday and all that?

Well, not according to research carried out by HappyOrNot, a leading supplier of customer and employee satisfaction reports to companies including Microsoft, Niké, eBay, American Express and IKEA.

It has produced benchmarking data, based on the analysis of over 840,000 feedbacks covering a full Monday-to-Sunday work week, and the clear winner is — Saturday.

“While it may seem counterintuitive to think that working during the weekend would top any list,” the company said, “the research shows that Saturday is in fact the happiest workday measuring overall employee happiness at 76.5%. What was also interesting was that even Sunday beats Friday.”

And while it is in the process of destroying myths, and spoiling the day for a well-known restaurant and bar chain, HappyOrNot turns its attention to the most unhappy workday.

If you immediately went for Monday — wrong again. Tuesday gets the worst rating at 73.1%, behind Monday 74.5%, Wednesday 73.8% and Thursday 73.7%. So employers probably need to look out for a mid-week slump.

Heikki Väänänen, CEO and Co-founder of HappyOrNot, has no doubt that all this is of real importance because productivity and customer service immediately suffer from employees’ poor job satisfaction.

“So constant awareness of employee satisfaction levels is a must in order to also maintain customer satisfaction,” he points out.