4 November 2013

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has posed a rather chilling question for site operators: "If a worker you were responsible for was killed or injured at work, how would you feel about being interviewed under caution by HSE inspectors?"

To get an idea of what it would be like, representatives of the construction industry are being invited to a free event showing how they may be interviewed, should an employee be injured while working for them.

Falls continue to be the biggest cause of fatal injury in Britain’s workplaces, and account for more than half of construction workplace deaths. In 2012/13, 25 of the 47 worker deaths in construction were the result of a fall from height.

On top of this, more than 4000 major injuries including broken bones and fractured skulls are reported to the HSE each year by the construction industry. More than half of these serious injuries involve falls from height or tripping over materials on walkways, and are easily preventable.

In this context, Working Well Together, a campaign put in place to improve health and safety in the construction industry, is organising the half-day event — "Wrong direction, don’t fall for it" — at the Lumb Farm Country Club in Ripley, Derbyshire, on 6 December.

Following a supposed fall by an employee through a fragile roof, a director of the fictional company concerned will be interviewed under Police and Criminal Evidence (PACE) conditions in front of the audience.

Anyone wanting more information or to book a place is invited to contact Ian Weekes on 0115 971 2871 or to email ian.weekes@hse.gsi.gov.uk.