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Warning as employment review team starts work

16 February 2017

The Government-backed Matthew Taylor Review team has launched its UK tour seeking the views of employers and workers on modern employment practices and whether they need to change in order to keep pace with modern business models.

Starting in London, the team will visit Glasgow, Norwich, Cardiff, Belfast and Newcastle. among other locations, to collect evidence and build an understanding of how people work in different parts of the country.

Mr Taylor explained: "Most people recognise that we need as many jobs as possible in our economy and that the flexibility of our labour market is a strength. But people also want work to be fair and decent and to offer opportunities for progression and fulfilment."

The Government has pointed out that 15% of those working in the UK’s labour market are now self-employed with a rise in the number of those doing short-term, casual work in the so-called gig economy.

This is one of the areas the review team will consider.

People can also take part in the review by contributing their experiences and ideas online at Using the same link, those interested can also request tickets to the various country-wide events.

General Secretary Frances O’Grady has already made the TUC's position clear, warning that the Treasury is losing more than £75 million a week through the "explosion" of low-paid and insecure jobs.

The growth of insecure employment — those working without guaranteed hours or baseline employment rights — is costing the Exchequer an estimated £4 billion a year, the TUC argues in a report available at

"Bosses who employ staff on shady contracts are cheating all of us," Ms O'Grady said. "That’s why we desperately need more decent jobs that pay a fair wage."

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