11 January 2017

Not another plea to lay off alcohol after the excesses of the holidays but rather a call for businesses to make flood resilience a New Year’s Resolution.

A new guide to flood resilience for commercial premises, developed by two former flood victims, has been launched as part of the "Know Your Flood Risk" campaign, of which further details can be found at http://knowyourfloodrisk.co.uk.

Offering practical guidance on steps all businesses can take to protect themselves against flood risk, the guide notes that over 4000 premises were affected by flood waters in December 2015.

Available at http://bit.ly/2eIzav4, "A business guide to flood resilience" includes an emergency plan template which can be the basis for action if the worst happens. It will, the authors insist, help to make recovery that much quicker.

The guide also includes a design prototype of a flood resilient commercial building, which can be used by those new to considering flood resilience measures for their office, factory or building.

Mary Dhonau, Chief Executive of the Know Your Flood Risk Campaign, has pointed out that the Parliamentary Committee on Climate Change has warned that flood events are something that businesses need to have in mind every year.

"It’s vital," she went on, "that business leaders and commercial property owners take steps now to make sure that, should the worse happen and flood waters breach their premises, they are prepared and have taken steps to lessen the negative impact on both the building and their business interests."