23 October 2014

Every dog has its day and so, increasingly it seems, does everything else with well-recognised events such as International Women's Day and World Book Day being joined by the more unusual such as Work from Home Day and No Diet Day.

To this growing list can be added World Paper Free Day which will take place this year on 6 November and is the brainchild of AIIM (the Association for Information and Image Management), an independent professional association that examines how information and content is managed in the workplace.

Its president, John Mancini, explained: "Enough is enough — it is 2014 and we are still drowning in unnecessary paper, at home and at work. It is bad for the environment and clogs up the workplace. We know that you can’t eliminate the use of paper entirely, but we want World Paper Free Day to make us think a bit harder about the sheer volume of paper we waste."

AIIM argues that over-reliance on paper for business can actually impact negatively on productivity, collaboration and efficiency with the main reason for paper copies of documents being for use in meetings.

So AIIM recommends the use of tablets for meeting agendas and supporting documents, and Outlook calendars and apps such as Evernote to reduce "to do" notes and lists.

In the unlikely event that the whole world gets behind the campaign, Mr Mancini suggests that we would save over 820,000 tons of paper and nearly 11 million trees.

If the idea appeals, and you would like a downloadable badge to show your commitment, go to www.aiim.org for further information.

From Paul Clarke, business writer for Croner