14 June 2017

Official guidance has been issued to help businesses and organisations improve the security of crowded places.

Compiled by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), the document Crowded Places Guidance offers new and updated advice in the wake of the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London.

Available at http://bit.ly/2rSQ5A2, the Guidance is aimed primarily at those responsible for security at crowded places and those who own or run businesses, organisations, amenities or utilities.

Written by staff at NaCTSO with the support of the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and over 100 subject and academic experts, the document covers the key areas of protective security – including physical, personnel, personal and cyber.

The interactive guide offers advice on how different sectors can act to help make their particular organisations safer. It aims to support those who are charged with ensuring security at crowded places to mitigate threats and help make the UK less vulnerable to attacks.

Those with security responsibilities are helped to assess risks and to devise an appropriate security plan – which can not only limit risk, but also help businesses and organisations recover if there is a terrorist attack.

The guide considers security issues for a range of locations, including cinemas and theatres, stadia and arenas, retail outlets, hotels and restaurants and visitor attractions.

Effective physical security is best achieved, it says, by multi-layering different measures.

"An adversary will attempt to identify and exploit perceived weaknesses," it notes. "The core principles for protecting an asset are deter, detect, delay and initiate an effective response."