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Older workers stand up to the strain

16 February 2017

Workers aged 55 and over have been found to be more resilient to extra workplace demands than their younger colleagues.

Based on responses from some 3000 office workers in the UK, France and Germany, a new survey suggests that these older workers are better able to cope with changing demands because they are more focused on the tasks at hand than their younger colleagues.

According to the Wrike Digital Work Report, some 30% of over-55s in the UK believe their productivity levels reach more than 90%.

That is a significant contrast to their colleagues aged between 25 and 34 (the so-called millennials), just 8% of whom said they work at that level.

The survey was conducted in August 2016 among 1000 workers in each of the 3 countries, with respondents divided into 5 age brackets, ranging from those aged 18 to 24 to those aged 55 and over.

Although workplaces in all 3 countries were found to have become more demanding over the previous 12 months, the UK had the greatest differences between age groups: 71% of UK millennials said that individual workloads had risen, compared to just 42% of those in the highest age bracket.

The impact of additional demands was felt most keenly by the younger workers, with 69% of them reporting they were feeling more stressed. A quarter said they had taken more days off sick because of stress, while 14% said they were smoking more.

The survey also found that many UK businesses are turning to technology to help younger workers manage their growing stress and workload. Speaking for Wrike, Andrew Filev said that finding the right digital tools can help individuals and teams to work more efficiently.

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